Wizard’s First Rule

Terry Goodkind

Wizard’s First Rule - Terry Goodkind
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ReeksThe Sword of Thruth
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epische fantasy amerikaanse schrijvers


Twilight has fallen upon the Three Kingdoms: a grey time that could foretell either dawn or descent into bitter night. Richard Cypher, woodsman and warrior, is chosen to bear the powerful Sword of Truth, but his enemy, Darken Rahl, is a royal mage who commands armies, hideous beasts and - more terible by far - a twisted magic.

Terry Goodkind tells the compelling story of a magical world that mirrors our own, a world in which goodness and honesty are besieged by the forces of darkness and deceit. Richard Cypher’s odyssey is a journey of the utmost risk an uncertain reward for the sake of love. It’s a journey into the darkness of man soul.
An extraordinary adventure has begun. Join us in covering where it will lead.

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‘I really think it’s going to sweep the country as Tolkien’s work did in the sixties.’ - Marion Zimmer Bradley