What Do Women Want

Adventures in the Science of Female Desire

Daniel Bergner

What Do Women Want - Daniel Bergner
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When it comes to sex, common wisdom holds that men roam while women crave closeness and commitment. In this provocative and headline-making book, everything we thought we knew about women’s arousal and desire is turned on its head.

Drawing on extensive research and interviews with renowned behavioural scientists, sexologists, psychologists, and everyday women, Daniel Bergner forces us to reconsider long-held notions about female sexuality.

This bold and captivating journey into the world of female desire explores answers to such questions as: Are women perhaps the less monogamous sex? What effect do intimacy and emotional connection really have on lust? What is the role of narcissism - the desire to be desired -in female sexuality? And are political gains for women (‘No means no’) detrimental in the bedroom?

What Do Women Want will change the conversation about woman and sex and is sure to spark dynamic discussion for years to come.

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‘Fascinating ... Threatens to disrupt all the modern stereotypes of female sexuality.’ - Slate

‘Adds both steam and explosives into the national conversation - or preoccupation - with what it means to be a woman’ - Vogue