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To be looked at

Painting and Sculpture from the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Kynaston McShine

To be looked at - Kynaston McShine
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The founders of The Museum of Modern Art had no idea in 1929 that their original vision would metamorphose into the most extraordinary collection of modern art in the world. Certainly, they could not have foreseen a day when the Museum would move to another borough during a major building program.
The core of The Museum of Modern Art is its unrivaled collection of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any given time; and this is even more the case in its temporary exhibition spaces at MoMA QNS.This publication serves, as other books have, as a reminder of the remarkable works of art in the painting and sculpture collection. It is hoped that, for those unfamiliar with the collection, it will serve as an introduction to its range and depth, from the 188os to the present. For those who are famil-iar with the Museum, it reinforces the unique experience that they have had with these works of art.
This book is also intended as a handbook for the various presentations of portions of the painting and sculpture collection that will be made at MoMA QNS over the next three years. We hope to change the installations frequently, not only because of space limitations but also to present many of our works in other exhibitions organized by the Museum for this country and abroad, as well as to continue our active program of lending works to other institutions. We hope that this will engage the curiosity of those who are experiencing The Museum of Modern Art for the first time and, equally, excite those who have known it for many years.
This publication and the installation in MoMA QNS are the efforts of many dedicated people on the Museum’s staff: Kynaston McShine, the Acting Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture, and Anne Umland, Associate Curator, have been primarily responsible, ably assisted by Angela Lange, Curatorial Assistant. Jerome Neuner, Director of Exhibition Design and Production, has as usual contributed to the physical space. Jennifer Russell, Deputy Director for Exhibitions and Collection
s Support; Michael Maegraith, Publisher; and Harriet Schoenholz Bee, Editorial Director, are all owed a great deal of thanks. The Registrar’s department has provided essential assistance under the most trying circumstances. Many others at the Museum have shared in this endeavor to make the experience of the collection a vivid, illuminating, and enjoyable one, and we thank them. From its inception the collection has been an institutional project, and the remarkable works of art assembled here are the result of a collective institutional effort rather than the work of any one individual. It has been our good fortune, from the initial generosity of the founders to the present, to have had an unequaled commitment to the Museum’s collection from its Trustees and from other extraordinary benefactors, who have unhesitatingly contributed or bequeathed collections and individual works of art. We deeply acknowledge their gifts and look forward to paying them greater homage when we reopen the new Museum of Modern Art in 2005. Above all, we must recognize, at the heart of the collection, the formidable and passionate creativity of the artists whose works are represented there.

Glenn D. Lowry, Director The Museum of Modern Art, New York


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UitgeverijThe Museum of Modern


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