The Wolf Age

James Enge

The Wolf Age - James Enge
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amerikaanse schrijvers weerwolven


Wuruyaaria: city of werewolves, whose raiders range over he dying northlands, capturing human beings for slaves or meat. Wuruyaaria: where a lone immortal maker wages a secret war against the Strange Gods of the Coranians. Wuruyaaria: a democracy where some are more equal than others, and a faction of outcast werewolves is determined to change the balance of power in a long, bloody election year.

Their plans are laid; the challenges known; the risks accepted. But all schemes will shatter in the clash between two threats few had foreseen and none had fully understood: a monster from the north on a mission to poison the world and a stranger from the south named Morlock Ambrosius.

Wat zegt de pers?

‘Werewolves clash with legends . . . harrowing and beautiful. . . . Enge’s elegant prose perfectly captures Morlock’s Ierse and morbid nature, which thrives in the vicious, honorable werewolf nation. Numerous intimate, complicated, and contentious relationships provide depth and gravity to the grim tale, which will enthrall fans of the dark and sinister.’ - Publishers Weekly

‘James Enge’s books are like a strange alloy of Raymond Chandler, Fritz Leiber, Larry Niven, and some precious metal that is all Enge’s own. They’re thrilling, funny, and mysteriously moving. I see ten things on every page I wish I’d written. I could read him forever and never get bored.’ - Lev Grossman

‘James Enge writes with great intelligence and wit. His stories take twisty paths to unexpected places you absolutely want to go. This isn’t the same old thing; this is delightful fantasy written for smart readers.’ - Greg Keyes