The Unwritten Rules of the Game

Mastetr Them, Shatter Them, and Break Trough the Barriers to Organizational Change

Peter Scott-Morgan

The Unwritten Rules of the Game - Peter Scott-Morgan
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A totally new method for understanding and effecting corporate change

They won’t appear in any of your company’s official policy papers. They will never be even remotely alluded to in a busi-ness conference. No matter how “hands-on” a manager you may be, you’re probably not even aware that they exist ... And yet they’re driving the day-by-day behavior in your orga-nization. Until you learn to decode them, master them, and finally shatter them, you’ll never be able to bring about the changes that your company needs to make to stay competitive into the twenty-first century ... They’re “the unwritten rules of the game,” and this is the path-breaking book that will enable you to break free of them. Already featured in the nation’s business press as the next wave in management, The Unwritten Rules of the Game’. is a whole new approach to effecting organizational change.

Wat zegt de pers?

‘This is a corporate wake-up call and survival guide for managing change ... Stay away if you are unable to accept cultural reality?’ - Takashi “Tachi” Kiuchi Chairman, Mitsubishi Electric America

‘A refreshing new book on management that should be read by corporate executives committed to im-proving their management skills.’ - Carl T. Mottek President, Hilton Hotels