The Sapphire Rose

David Eddings

The Sapphire Rose - David Eddings
The Sapphire Rose achterflap
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ReeksThe Elenium
Aantal pagina's652
UitgeverijHarper Collins


amerikaanse schrijvers epische fantasy


Aided by the goddess Aphrael, the Pandion Knight Sparhawk and his band of companions have recovered the magical jewel Bhelliom - the Sapphire Rose - from the cave of the troll-dwarf Ghwerig. Now they have the power to wake and cure Ehlana, the young Queen of Elenia.

But while they were seeking Bhelliom, great forces of evil moved into the vacuum of po er left behind. The unholy triple alliance between Otha, degenerate sorcerer-king of the Zemochs, the renegade Pandion Knight Martel, and Annias, traitorous Primate of Cimmura, threatens to overrun all of Eosia. In returning to Cimmura to wake Ehlana, Sparhawk risks delivering the Sapphire Rose into the hands of his enemies, who will use it to give the evil god Azash dominion over the whole world.

To stop them they may have to unleash the full power of the jewel, but no-one can predict whether the world itself would survive such an event.

The Sapphire Rose is the brilliant conclusion to The Elenium: a gripping, panoramic tale of a conflict between good and evil that envelops an entire continent. This is fantasy on a truly epic scale: an achievement which could only have been created by the greatest of modern fantasy writers - David Eddings.

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‘A graceful, fluid style of storytelling rare in fantasy writing.’ - Publishers Weekly