The Rroma

Volume 1 + 2

Lev Tcherenkov

The Rroma - Lev Tcherenkov
The Rroma achterflapThe Rroma achterflapThe Rroma achterflap
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Rroma are usually presented in a fragmentary and parcelled fashion: one hears about Rroma, Sinti, Cale, and hundreds of other groups. Language, traditions, and origins are often presented as being fundamentally different. One thus gains the impression that Gypsies are not a single minority but a mosaic of different ones. This book presents a unified view of the various Rroma groups, their history and culture and underlines their commonality rather than differences and small local variations. Its aim is to present this European minority to the general public and specialists alike. Rromanes - the Rroma language - is extensively used to provide a clear picture of the Rroma history from the Indian origins to current times. Whenever a lack of documents forces one in the realm of conjectures, Rromanes provides a clear thread, for its layered structure is a perfect analysis tool.