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The Pelican History of Art

Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture

Richard Krautheimer

The Pelican History of Art - Richard Krautheimer
The Pelican History of Art achterflap
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For scholarship, readability, and the range of its illustrations The Pelican History of Art has come to be recognized as a unique enterprise in the field of art history. Nearly forty volumes have already appeared in a work which is planned to cover the art and architecture of all ages in about fifty volumes. Written by authorities whose international standing is unquestioned, they have notably maintained the strict standards set by the Editor, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner. This is one of the paperbound editions which will in future be offered at a price that students of art and general readers can afford. Newly printed in a compact format which is particularly suitable for art books, these editions add qualities of their own to the excellence of the cloth-bound originals. Not only is the same lavish collection of plates included, but these have been integrated into the text, which itself - far from being abridged - has where necessary been revised and updated. The paperback Pelican History of Art makes available, at the lowest price possible, volumes from a series which has been called ‘a landmark in the history of art publishing’ and ‘one of the cornerstones of twentieth-century scholarship’.

In this new edition Professor Krautheimer, long regarded as the foremost expert on the period, has exhaustively revised and updated his text and had many plans and figures re-drawn. His work traces the liturgical influences and technical developments of religious building from the earliest Christian community houses and the great basilicas of Constantine’s reign in the West down to the sixth century. In the East it follows the course of Christian and Byzantine architecture from the earliest churches in the Holy Land, Syria, and Greece and the gigantic undertakings of Justinian down to the fall of Constantinople. ‘The scope of this book,’ to quote The Times Literary Supplement, ‘is greater than that of any other work on the subject’ it covers alike the first church of St Peter at Rome, the soaring harmony of the Hagia Sophia, the Byzantine concept of St Mark’s at Venice, and scores of churches in Greece, Asia Minor, and the Balkans. Throughout Professor Krautheimer maintains his central theme: this architecture was not the prelude to medieval church building, but essentially the last phase of the Late Antique.

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‘The great definitive work on the subject. It is all there, to the smallest village church in the Balkans’ - Observer


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