The other Typist

Suzanne Rindell

The other Typist - Suzanne Rindell
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amerikaanse schrijfsters historische thriller


New York City,1924: the height of Prohibition. In a police precinct on the lower East Side young typist Rose Baker coolly records the confessions of killers and gangsters. But when a new typist arrives — the captivating Odalie — Rose finds a true partner in crime. Flitting between sparkling speakeasies by night and their work at the precinct by day, the girls are drawn further into a dark, glamorous world. Soon Rose’s fascination with Odalie and her glittering life turns to obsession. But does she know the real Odalie, and what will happen if she dares to find out?

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‘Addictive, deliciously enjoyable’ - Daily Telegraph

‘A sleek story of dangerous shenanigans, bootleggers and unreliable narrators, set in the unflappable Jazz Age’ - Marie Claire

‘Nothing is what it seems . . . an elegantly controlled emotional thriller with so many twists and turns . . . you will have to read it in one sitting’ - Daily Mail

‘A mysterious central character, stunning writing and an ending that will leave you reeling . . the kind of book you can’t get out of your head’ - Good Housekeeping

‘An enchanting jazz-age thriller… clever and addictive’ - Guardian