The Modern Middle East

Ilan Pappé

The Modern Middle East - Ilan Pappé
The Modern Middle East achterflap
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This is the first introductory textbook on the modern Middle East to foreground the urban, rural, cultural and women’s histories of the region over its political and economic history. Distancing himself from more traditional modernizationist approaches, the author is concerned with the ideological question of whom we investigate in the past rather than how we investigate the past. This is a groundbreaking contribution to a more comprehensive view of the region in a post-September 11th world.

Ilan Pappe begins his narrative at the end of the First World War with the Ottoman heritage and concludes at the end of the twentieth century with the political discourse of Islam.

Wat zegt de pers?

‘An important survey of the vital and much-neglected cultural and social history of the region.’ - John Chalcraft, Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh

‘In his expansive survey of Middle Eastern history over the last century, Ilan Pappe questions modernization as the best framework for understanding that history and seeks to provide an alternative that devotes much-needed attention to the ways in which non-elite groups were affected by, and participated in, the dramatic political, social, economic and cultural transformations of the period.’ - Zachary Lockman, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University