The hidden City

The Tamuli #3

David Eddings

The hidden City - David Eddings
The hidden City achterflap
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ReeksThe Tamuli
Aantal pagina's616
UitgeverijHarper Collins


amerikaanse schrijvers epische fantasy


Sparhawk, the greatest of Pandion Knights, has offered freedom to the Troll-Gods trapped in the Blue Rose in exchange for their aid in fighting Cyrgon, the sinister god of the Cyrgai. But Cyrgon has turned to the unspeakable arts of Zemoch magic in his war against the Tamul Empire. He has brought back to the world the very essence of evil which was cast out at the beginning of time by Azash and the other Elder Gods. Klael! As ancient as the Blue Rose, and as powerful.

The ultimate battle between Blue Rose and Kiwi must be fought - though Ehlana is held prisoner by the enemy in the Hidden City, defended by Klael. The time for strategy, and hope, is past.

The final, breathtaking volume of the Tamuli, full of battles, astonishing magic and awesome gods, reveals David Eddings at his triumphant best.

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‘What separates the grown-up authors from the boys is the quality of the writing and David Eddings is one of the best.’ - Western Mail