The even more complete Chess Addict

Mike Fox

The even more complete Chess Addict - Mike Fox
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If you’re hooked on chess, this is the ultimate fix. It’s one third bigger than the bestselling The Complete Chess Addict, seven-fifteenths funnier and smack up to date.

The Even More Complete Chess Addict plunges you ever deeper into the trivia jungle. You’ll meet some very exotic fauna, including: Robert Maxwell and the phoney brilliancy, the Urinal opening, the dream match of Fischer v Kasparov, the horrible fate of Jeffrey Archer, the Beatle who ate the pieces, Gazza’s dratv against a grandmaster, the rudest chess pieces, how chess changed Christine Keeler, the Pope’s secret vice and the man who was British Ladies Champion.

Plus: A brand new chapter on Nigel Short, Fischer, Judith Polgar, Kasparov, Karpov and the rising new stars of world chess.

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‘A cornucopia of anecdotes about the famous and the bizarre from every aspect of the game. A highly readable, entertaining and instructive publication.’ - Irish Times