The Be-Bop Barbarians

Gary Phillips

The Be-Bop Barbarians - Gary Phillips
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Cliff Murphy is matinee handsome, a light-skinned, straight-haired black man and a comics artist known for his glamor-girl art who passes for white downtown. Stephaney ‘Stef ’ Rawls produces her own romance-adventure strip for the largest black newspaper, but she still has to work brutal hours as a maid to make ends meet. Then there’s Oliver ‘Ollie’ Jefferson, a decorated Korean War vet who writes and draws hard-hitting editorial cartoons under the pseudonym Atticus for the lefty newspaper the Daily Struggle, and who is fully entrenched in the campaign for equal rights.

These three friends will be tested, tried, and work together as events conspire to pull them apart in this explosive story by Gary Phillips (The Obama Inheritance: Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir and co-writer of The Killing Joke novelization) and acclaimed artist-writer Dale Berry (Tales of the Moonlight Cutter and graphic author for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine).