Temple of the Winds

Terry Goodkind

Temple of the Winds - Terry Goodkind
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ReeksThe Sword of Thruth
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epische fantasy amerikaanse schrijvers


On the red moon will come the firestorm. The one bonded to the blade will watch his people die .. . To quench the inferno he must seek the remedy in the wind . . The arrival in Aydindril of Drefan Rahl, a brother for Richard, wielder of the Sword of Truth, and Nadine, who believes Richard her betrothed, coincides with a malignant Red Moon. Heralding the awakening of a prophecy that neither Richard nor his lover Kahlan wishes to see come to pass, the Red Moon brings a fatal plague. Finding a cure means seeking out the infamous Temple of the Winds, banished into another dimension over three thousand years ago. It may mean Richard betraying all he holds dear for the sake of the New World’s future.

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‘This is a phenomenal fantasy, endlessly inventive.’ - Piers Anthony