Tell you own fortune

The ultimate guide tot tarot, astrology, the i ching and other divination techniques from around the world

Jane Struthers

Tell you own fortune - Jane Struthers
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tarot toekomst voorspellen i tjing runen astrologie chinese astrologie orakel numerologie


From all over the world come different ways of foretelling the future. We may want to know about our future with a lover, whether we can pass a certain exam or when an event will take place. Looking in detail at systems used to predict the future, the reader can choose which is suited to their particular questions. The systems included here are astrology, divining, I Ching, lithomancy, numerology, the oracle, palmistry, runes, tarot cards, and tea leaves. For each system simple instructions are given on how to read the future. The title is illustrated with specially commissioned photography to help the reader follow each stage of fortune telling.