Stained Glass

The first comprehensive, illustrated guide to the world's best stained glass

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Stained Glass tells the story of one of man’s most subtle skills — his ability to create a feast of light and colour, a perfect fusion of art and nature.
Magnificently illustrated with almost five hundred colour photographs, Stained Glass is the first comprehensive guide to the world’s finest windows. It shows the breadth and versatility of an art form which spans over one thousand years and which is as relevant to modern art and architecture as it was to that of the Middle Ages.
But stained glass has more to offer than sheer visual splendour. It is history held up to the light. The first section of the book introduces the reader to the historical world within a window — to contemporary fashion, architecture, furnishings and even., to the portraits of donors and their elaborate armorial bearings. Explored, too, arc the background to the development of the art, the wealth of symbolism depicted in stained glass, the unpredictable medium of light with which the glazier has to work and the relationship of stained glass to architecture.

The second section of the book, The History of Stained Glass, sets stained glass into historical and artistic perspective. It introduces the personalities by whom it was inspired and created. It discusses artistic and social influences upon its development. Beginning with the world’s oldest windows, the eleventh-century Old Testament figures in Augsburg Cathedral, this section traces the evolution of the art from the jewel-like medallions of the thirteenth century to the realistic paintings on glass of the Renaissance.
The History of Stained Glass goes on to explain the decline of the art during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and its revival by the Pre-Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau movement in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Finally, the highlights of twentieth-century glazing in churches, synagogues and secular settings are depicted and discussed — from the abstract window walls of the German glaziers Schaffrath and Meistermann and the window canvases of such French artists as Braque and Chagall to the experimental work ofJapanese, American, Icelandic and Australian artists.
The third section of the book, How a Stained-Glass Window is Made and Restored, gives a step-by-step description, illustrated with photographs and line drawings, of how a window is created and of how windows arc being saved from the ravages of time.
A tribute both to a rich artistic heritage and to a vital contemporary medium, Stained Glass is a milestone in art history, revealing for the first time this ancient kinetic art in all its scope and splendour.


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