Southeastern Europe in the Middel Ages 500-1250

Florin Curta

Southeastern Europe in the Middel Ages 500-1250 - Florin Curta
Southeastern Europe in the Middel Ages 500-1250 achterflap
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middeleeuwen oost-europa


Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages stood as a strategically important crossroads of trade and crusading routes, and fell within the spheres of influence of both the Byzantine Orthodox Church and Latin Christendom. This comprehensive and authoritative survey draw on historical and archaeological sources to illuminate 750 years of the region’s history, covering Romania, southern Ukraine, southern Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Exploring the social, political and economic changes that marked the transition from late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages, the book addresses important themes such as the rise off medieval states, the conversion to Christianity, the monastic movement inspired by developments in Western Europe and in Byzantium, and the role of material culture (architecture, the arts and objects of daily life) in the representation of power.

Florin Curta is Associate Professor of Medieval History and Archaeology at the University of Florida. He is author of The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lower Danube Region, c. 500-700 (Cambridge University Press, 2001)