Shadow of a Dark Queen

Raymond E. Feist

Shadow of a Dark Queen - Raymond E. Feist
Shadow of a Dark Queen achterflap
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ReeksThe Serpentwar
Aantal pagina's580
UitgeverijHarper Collins


epische fantasy amerikaanse schrijvers


Something dark is moving in distant nations, and ancient powers are readying themselves for a final confrontation. A Dark Queen has raised a standard in remote lands and is gathering armies of unmatched might.

Into this battleground of good and evil come a band of desperate men whose only hope for survival is to travel to face this ancient power and discover its true nature. Their quest is at best dangerous and at worst suicidal.

And with these men travel the mysterious Miranda upon whom all must wager their lives. She appears to be an ally but knows much more than she is willing to tell. Does she have a hidden agenda of her own? And will she prove ally or even more deadly foe when the final confrontation is at hand?

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‘Tons of intrigue and action’ - Publishers Weekly