History and Society in the Theology of St. Augustine

R.A. Markus

Saeculum - R.A. Markus
Saeculum achterflap
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How did Augustine conceive the purpose of human society and how did he relate this purpose to his concept of man’s ultimate destiny? Dr Markus’s main concern is with those aspects of Augustine’s thought which help to answer these questions and particularly with his reflections on history, society and the Church. Augustine’s attitude is seen to change in the course of his career but his mature views on these three themes together constitute what Dr Markus describes as a theology of the saeculum - the area of time in which the concerns of the civets terrane and the civitas Dei merge and overlap, or in other words the whole sphere of human living.

Dr Markus relates Augustine’s ideas to their contemporary context and to older traditions and shows which aspects of his thought he absorbed from his intellectual environment and which he only eventually came to adopt after much thought.

Augustine appears from this study as a thinker who rejected the ‘sacralization’ of the established order of society. The implications of his theology for a theology of history, of politics and of the Church are explored in the last chapter.