Prince of Demons

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Prince of Demons - Mickey Zucker Reichert
Prince of Demons achterflap
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ReeksRenshai Chronicles
Aantal pagina's622


epische fantasy amerikaanse schrijfsters


‘What makes a Renshai is not kinship, but a single-minded devotion to swordcraft’

The elves have determined to have their revenge on humanity - Colbey Calistinsson having brought them to the brink of extinction before he departed for Valhalla. While the Renshai warrior, Princess Matrinka, is hunting down the last untested heir to Bearn’s throne, the Dark Elves are, by a mixture of magic and cunning, persuading the people that their king is not dead. Lulled into a false sense of security the Bearnians do not realise that the elves have cast a spell of infertility on all but a few of their number. Before long, Griff, new King of Bearn, should he pass the test of the Staffs of Law and Chaos, won’t have a people to rule . . . unless he and the Renshai can find a flaw in the Dark Elves’ magic.

Wat zegt de pers?

‘Reichert keeps the proceedings focused and the pace swift . . . an excellent read’ - Locus