Planetary Landscapes

Ronald Greeley

Planetary Landscapes - Ronald Greeley
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sterrenkunde planeten geologie planetaire fotografie


This introduction to planetary geology concentrates on the surface features of the planets and satellites of our Solar System. The author first discusses the primary processes that shape our planet, Earth, and the geomorphology of the objects in the Solar System. The second edition includes new information about Venus and a new chapter on Neptune.
The book is beautifully illustrated with high-resolution black-and-white photographs from recent space probes and orbiting spacecraft, and with explanatory diagrams. Each chapter starts with a description of the general physiography and terrain units, then the geomorphic processes that created them are discussed. Finally a synopsis of the geologic evolution of the surface is given. The selected references at the end include original papers, review articles and books.

Professor Ronald Greeley has spent 25 years in the exploration of the Solar System. For 11 years he was engaged at the NASA-Ames Research Center in photographic interpretation of the Moon, Mars and Mercury. He is now at the Department of Geology and Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University, and is a member of the imaging science team for the Galileo mission to Jupiter and chairman of the NASA study project on Mars Geological Mapping.

The cover illustration shows a view of the surface of Venus. Magellan synthetic aperture radar mosaics from the first cycle of Magellan mapping are mapped onto a computer-simulated globe to create this image. Data gaps are fiIled with Pioneer-Venus Orbiter data. or a constant mid-range value. Simulated color is used to enhance small-scale structure. The simulated hues are based on color images recorded by the Soviet Venera 13 and 14 spaceman. The image was produced at the JPL Multimission Image Processing Laboratory.

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‘I know of no other publication that provides such a rich collection of planetary photographs; there is hardly a page without an illustration… The figures are well captioned and well annotated, the spacecraft images are identified by number and information is provided on how copies might be obtained.’ - Nature