Person-Centred Counselling

in Action

Dave Mearns

Person-Centred Counselling - Dave Mearns
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Person-Centred Counselling in Action is the bestselling exploration of one of the most popular approaches to counselling today. Widely regarded as a classic text, the book is invaluable for students and experienced counsellors alike.

The authors explore the philosophical base to the approach originated by Carl Rogers and stress the considerable personal demands which it places upon practitioners. Using a comprehensive case study to relate theory to practice, they discuss in depth the core conditions of empathy, acceptance and congruence. Central to the book is the insight it provides into how it feels to be the counsellor and the client involved in a trusting, caring, therapeutic relationship.

The second edition is revised and updated to take account of recent developments in theory and practice. As well as providing an excellent starting point for all who wish to develop an understanding of this widely used and highly valued approach, this edition will be essential reading for experienced practitioners who wish to remain at the cutting edge of an evolving discipline.

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‘Gives real insight into person-centred counselling… an absolute delight to read.’ - Counselling Psychology Review

‘ excellent book which will be of enormous benefit to all those needing to learn how person-centred therapy should really be practised.’ - Changes