People of Ancient Assyria

Jørgen Læssøe

People of Ancient Assyria - Jørgen Læssøe
People of Ancient Assyria achterflap
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This book discusses continuity and change in Mesopotamia. It is based on written material from the land itself - Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian cuneiform texts, Assyria being the main theme. Among the founders of the Assyrian empire was Shamshi-Adad I (c. 1700 B.C.), a ruler whose personality becomes remarkably vivid through his correspondence with other leading personalities of the time. The work contains a copious selection of his letters.
Recent excavations at Nimrud have produced inscriptions from the final phase of Assyrian history. Thus, translations are given of the inscription of King Assurnasirpal describing the festivities associated with the inauguration of his palace at Nimrud, as well as of the treaty of 672 B.C. between King Esarhaddon and the Median prince Ramataia. The reader will realize that one of the most remarkable things about these ancient documents is the evidence they provide that the men of the time were surprisingly modern.