Our Expanding Universe

Evry Svhatzman

Our Expanding Universe - Evry Svhatzman
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Today, the expansion of the universe is a scientific certainty even though the idea and its implications remain difficult to accept. Into what external space could the universe expand, since it is the universe? When did this process start, and when will it end? What happened before, and what could happen afterwards?

To these dizzying questions, physicists respond by constructing scenarios. Their giant telescopes and particle accelerators gaze into a “primitive” time when the universe was nothing more than a dense, hot cloud of gas. Where does our knowledge start and where does the speculation begin? Evry Schatzman firmly draws the dividing line: the moment of origin is not within the scope of our measurements; astrophysics research must dispel the idea of a Creator whose shadow still falls over so many current controversies, in which no religion has anything to gain.

Evry Schatzman is one of the pioneers of astrophysics in France. A member of the Academy of Sciences, he has published numerous books on popular science and reflections on science, in particular Les enfants d’urania (The Children of Urania) (Seuil, 1986) and La Science Menacée (Science Threatened) (Odile Jacob, 1989).