Mountain Range

A Dictionary of Expressions from Appalachia to the Ozarks

Robert Hendrickson

Mountain Range - Robert Hendrickson
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The newest addition to the American Regional Expressions series (Whistlin’ Dixie, Happy Trails, and Yankee Talk), Mountain Range introduces readers to the vernacular of the Ozarks, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Smokies, the Cumberlands, and of course Appalachia. What many people may not know is that there is much more to the rich culture and language of these regions than Hollywood caricatures like the Beverly Hillbillies and Ma Kettle suggest. Linguist Robert Hendrickson provides a revealing glimpse into a dialect that, according to Mario Pei, “comes closer in many respects to Elizabethan English than does the present speech of London.”

She drove her ducks to a pore puddle made a poor marriage
We’re just spuddin’ around hanging around, doing nothing
Well, I’m fexatiously whipped out I’m completely surprised
She was born with a tick in her navel said of someone born in the deep woods
I’ve got the mully-grubs I’ve got the blues
Haven’t seen you since the hogs et my brother up a long time

Excerpted from novels, poetry, legends, newspapers, and other sources, Mountain Range contains thousands of expressions, anecdotes, pronunciations, and idioms that will entertain and enlighten you about life “down in the holler.”