Mentally Handicapped People

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David Clarke

Mentally Handicapped People - David Clarke
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This successful book first appeared in 1982 when it anticipated many of the recent and current developments in the field of caring for people with a mental handicap. With the changes incorporated into this reprint, the book continues to be relevant and timely.

Clear, practical and unambiguous, the book is intended specifically for nurses who are studying for a qualification in caring for people with a mental handicap, but it will also be invaluable for anyone with an interest in mental handicap.

As a result of long experience in teaching parents, nurses, social workers and other care staff involved in the care of mentally handicapped people, the author became aware that a large part of the material he used in teaching was scattered throughout the literature and was therefore difficult to obtain. The book brings together a number of aspects of caring for mentally handicapped people through discussion of examples of research and good practice in both the UK and the USA. It explores those issues most relevant to the implementation of new policies concerning the range and nature of services that should be available for mentally handicapped people, and focusses clearly on what will be necessary to achieve high quality care based upon the rights of the mentally handicapped in which the assessment of individual needs is paramount.

This revised reprint considers in some detail the implications for its readers of the recent Mental Health and Education Acts.