The new golden age

Keith Devlin

Mathematics - Keith Devlin
Mathematics achterflap
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In the computerized world of today no one can avoid the impact of mathematics on almost every aspect of our lives, yet most people believe they cannot hope to understand or enjoy the subject. This lively and comprehensive new survey sets out to show just how mistaken they are. Dr Devlin’s television appearances and popular Guardian column have revealed his remarkable gift for making difficult topics beautifully accessible, and in this book he offers us alla glimpse of the extraordinary vistas and bizarre universes opened up by contemporary mathematicians: the theory of knots and secret codes, Hilbert’s Tenth Problem and the Four-Colour Theorem, business-planning techniques and strenge number systems: The pace of recent change has produced an almost infinite choice of material (although it depends which infinity we mean . . .), and the author has been brilliantly successful in his aim: to capture in a single volume the essentaal power and excitement of mathematics in today’s ‘new golden age’.

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‘Devlin’s choice of material is excellent, and he is to be praised for the clarity and accuracy with which he presents it’ - Martin Gardner, the New York Review of Books