Mathematical Methods of Operations Research

Thomas L. Saaty

Mathematical Methods of Operations Research - Thomas L. Saaty
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​This unique work represents the first graduate-level text devoted to mathematical methods of operations research. Now a classic in the field, it covers the principal mathematical methods and unites previously scattered theoretical and illustrative literature.

Among its outstanding features:

- Concise history and overview of operations-research methods

- Excellent exposition of mathematical foundations underlying all classical operations-research procedures

- Clear, straightforward writing style

After an initial orientation to the historical, scientific and mathematical aspects of operations research. Dr. Saaty presents examples and ideas on classical methods of forming models. He then goes on to discuss optimization, game theory, applications of probability, and queueing theory, among other important topics. Carefully selected exercises illustrate important and useful ideas.

Unlike many texts in the field which assume mathematical prerequisites or present the necessary material in a cursory fashion, Professor Saaty’s book offers full treatment of the mathematical fundamentals involved. In addition, the book serves as a valuable source of references to early literature on operations research, especially the unpublished literature of research notes, memoranda and so forth.

For his latest edition, Dr. Saaty has written a new preface updating the status of operations research since the book’s original publication and included a new chapter (13), which offers a modern approach to multicriteria decision making.

In sum, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research is an ideal resource for the student who wishes to investigate the basic mathematics of operations research (e.g., methods of proof, logical solutions, elementary mathematical modeling concepts, and more), as well as a valuable reference for the expert in search of sources and other indications of early efforts.