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Human Anatomy for the Artist

John Raynes

Human Anatomy for the Artist - John Raynes
Human Anatomy for the Artist achterflap
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Artists from the Stone Age to the present day have made the human body a central theme of their work; they have depicted it idealistically, naively and realistically, making its gestures convey emotion and symbolic meaning. Every artist must learn the body’s structure and understand the way it moves and the positions it adopts - only then can he hope to achieve the convincing personal interpretation of the human body that forms the basis of each figure artist’s individual style.
The book traces the history of the depiction of the human body, emphasizing the dramatic changes in art wrought by the anatomical studies of Leonardo and Michelangelo. To give the art student a similar background knowledge, the author provides clear pencil drawings and explanatory text to indicate the bones and muscles of the body at rest and in motion. He shows how the muscles and bones relate to one another and pays particular attention to helping the student perceive this anatomical form beneath the skin. The author does not, however, stop there. He takes the student beyond the objective anatomy required to observe and record the human figure accurately. He examines a number of acknowledged masterpieces from Gericault to Schiele to show how, having learnt the fundamentals, the artist may use distortions of correct anatomy to convey emotions and achieve expression. More than just a reference book, this work provides an invaluable guide to both the creation and the appreciation of sculpture and painting.


Aantal pagina's192
UitgeverijCrescent Books


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