Gateway to Arabic 1

Starter Book

Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye

Gateway to Arabic 1 - Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye
Gateway to Arabic 1 achterflap
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TaalArabisch - Engels
Aantal pagina's68
UitgeverijAnglo-Arabic Graphics




Gateway to Arabic is a well-structured, progressive course which has been carefully designed to teach the skills of reading and writing Arabic to learners from a broad age range. It contains a wealth of practice materials to reinforce the learning process. Extensive research and piloting ensure that materials are both easy to teach and to learn from. Clear guidance on every page shows the learner what to do.

This book covers:
• Recognition of Arabic letters in their isolate form
• Formulation of letters in their written isolate form, with clear arrows to indicate the correct writing direction
• The three short vowels: fatha, kasra and damma
• Letter recognition and formulation in their joined forms
• Nunation (al-tanween)
• The three long vowels (al-madd)
• Al-sukun
• Al-shadda
• The sun and moon letters (al-huruf al-shamsiyyah wa’l-qamariyyah), and their associated rules
• Al-alif al-maqsura
• Al-hamza