First Things First!

New Branding and Design fro New Businesses

First Things First! -
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When you start a business, you have a strong belief in the quality of your products. But how do you instill that same confidence in your customers? First Things First! showcases the graphic identities produced for—and by—a new generation of creation entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a family-run perfumery, an Austrian cheese maker, a carpenter, or a team of hipster horror film producers, each company in this comprehensive collection has chosen a visual approach that firmly separates them from the masses.

The projects are drawn from diverse countries and industry sectors. With aesthetic approaches ranging from minimalist renditions to idiosyncratic illustrations and letterpress nostalgia, they reflect the full spectrum of today’s most significant design trends. Despite their varied styles and ventures, all are tied together through the imagination of designers working in close collaboration with impassioned entrepreneurs.

First Things First! explores how a holistic approach encompassing visual communication, packaging, and store design can help a business flourish and develop a distinctive style. Celebrating creativity and the visual output of burgeoning com-panies, this book is an engaging compendium of fresh and inventive ideas.