An Introduction

William H. Phillips

Film - William H. Phillips
Film achterflap
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Wat zegt de pers?

‘The most clear, straightforward, and certainly most complete text on the topic.’ - Charles Harpole, founding general editor of the Harpole Cinema History Project, University of Central Florida

Film: An Introduction strikes me as a considerable piece of work. It contains an enormous amount of information about the forms, techniques, styles, and ‘grammar’ of film — all of it well informed, simply and clearly stated. I like especially the sense of confidence I felt in the author as a guide through all of this material…. This is clearly good teaching coming from a good teacher.’ - Jack Ellis, Northwestern University

‘The book seems to cover everything missing from the textbook I have been using and have had to scramble to provide myself: recent changes in technology, censorship codes, and independent cinema.’ - Carol M. Dole, Ursinus College

‘Phillips has succinctly crafted the essence of motion picture editing in a manner easy to understand. His examples are clear and well illustrated. He has a concise and well-articulated overview of the editing process, which is a craft and an form of great complexity.’ - Michael Hoggan, past president of American Cinema Editors, adjunct professor of filmmaking, University of Southern California and California State University - Nortlhridge