Eroticism & Art

Alyce Mahon

Eroticism & Art - Alyce Mahon
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erotische kunst


Art? Erotica? Or Pornography?

The naked body in art has been with us for millennia. Yet even today, with our supposed relaxation of the codes of behaviour surrounding nudity, erotic images are considered provocative, dangerous, and are often unwelcome in the public sphere.

Focusing on the last 150 years of Western art, Alyce Mahon explores the intense debates surrounding art and the erotic in an authoritative and engaging way, using the latest research and analysis into this and related subject areas.

Wat zegt de pers?

‘In this wonderfully wide-ranging and unflinching book Alyce Mahon confronts the many possibilities of erotic art its powers of subversion, and its capacity to telt us more about who we are and who we might be. Whether she is discussing classical poise, or the most outrageous ‘post porn’ modernism, Mahon’s humane and understanding gaze into the depths of the subject never fails.’ - Simon Blackburn, University of Cambridge

‘.. a wonderfully readable book about a hot subject. Scholarly yet engaging, theoretically sophisticated yet involved with the concrete art work, this study illuminates both the complexity and the primitive basis of the representation of the body in a wide variety of styles, countries, and periods. It is richly illustrated with appropriately sexy pictures.’ - Linda Nochlin, New York University

‘Alyce Mahon has written a comprehensive, lucid, and theoretically adept book… continually attentive to the politics of power, both repressive and subversive, which flow through sexually charged imagery.’ - Julian Stallabrass, Courtauld Institute