Eating & Drinking Difficulties

In children

April Winstock

Eating & Drinking Difficulties - April Winstock
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Here is an essential guide to helping children who have difficulty in eating and drinking. Although particularly relevant to cerebral palsy, the information and management techniques can be applied to other disabilities, such as Riley-Day syndrome, and to children with general developmental delay. The early chapters provide background information, including case histories and an analysis of the normal development of eating and drinking. Specific areas of difficulty, such as positioning, assessment, practical management, nutrition, dental hygiene and dribbling are dealt with separately. Clear line drawings are used to illustrate the key concepts. Useful appendices cover equipment, suitable food and drink and product information. Addresses, a reading list, a comprehensive glossary and an index are also included.

Parents & Children • How Eating and Drinking Normally Develop • Communication at Mealtimes • The Link Between Physical Development & Eating and Drinking Difficulties • Postioning • Assessment • Management of Eating & Drinking Difficulties • Nutrition • Dental Hygiene • The Management of Dribbling • Special Issues Regarding the Child with a Visual Impairment • Special Considerations Relevant to Schools