Domes of Fire

David Eddings

Domes of Fire - David Eddings
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ReeksThe Tamuli
Aantal pagina's584
UitgeverijHarper Collins


epische fantasy amerikaanse schrijvers


Queen Ehlana and the Pandion Knight Sir Sparhawk are married, their kingdom peaceful at last, their union blessed with a very special daughter named Danae. But soon trouble sweeps westward from the Tamil Empire to disrupt not only the living of Eosia but the dead: horrific, armies are being raised from the dust of the long-past Age of Heroes, threatening the peace won at such cost in Zemoch.

Prince Sparbawk is called upon to help the Tamuli nations defeat these ancient horrors. Perhaps the Troll-Gods are once more loose in the world! With Ehlana and a retinue of Pandion Knights, Sparhawk will make the hazardous journey to the Tamuli Empire, aided by Aphrael the child Goddess…only to discover in fire-domed Matherion, the incandescent Tamuli capital, that the enemy is already within its gates.

Domes of Fire begins a spectacular new David Eddings trilogy, The Tamuli. Full of marvels and humour, full fo romance and shrewdness, above all full of magic, the resources of the epic firm are mined deep by the greatest of modern fantasy writers.

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‘What separates the grown-up authors from the boys is the quality of the writing and David Eddings is one of the best.’ - Western Mail