Dinosaur Plots

& other intrigues in Natural History

Leonard Krishtalka

Dinosaur Plots - Leonard Krishtalka
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UitgeverijWilliam Morrow and Company


prehistorie dinosaurussen

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‘What a find! A first-rate scholar with wit! Krishtalka knows his bones and strata inside and out, and isn’t afraid to show where scientists and society go ‘bodaciously wrong’! Creation Science, the Loch Ness Monster, Archaeopteryx-doubters, and anti-drifters are dissected and rejected. And Krishtalka celebrates the triumphs of science too: Andrew Carnegie’s wonderful Dinosaur Gold Rush, the discovery of mass extinc-tions, and the continuing success in decoding evolution’s laws. Krishtalka’s book puts the joy and jazz back into the science of Life.” - Robert T. Bakker, author of The Dinosaur Heresies

‘Krishtalka has a marvelous ability to take scientific concepts and jargon and make them understandable for everyone. His humor, style, and knowledge make scientists human and science intriguing.’ - Craig C. Black, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

‘Krishtalka’s light style and humor bring alive subjects in Natural History that are too often arcane and dry. Science needs more writers with his gifts.” - Malcolm McKenna, Frick Curator, American Museum of Natural History