Contemporary Abstract Algebra

Third Edition

Joseph A. Gallian

Contemporary Abstract Algebra - Joseph A. Gallian
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What do I want for students who use this book? They should obtain a solid introduction to the traditional topics. In fact, dozens of books serve this function well. But I want more. I want readers to come away with the view that abstract algebra is a contemporary subject; that its concepts and methodology are being used by working physicists, chemists, and computer scientists as well as mathematicians; that important contributions to the subject are being made now. I want students to enjoy reading this book. We customarily assume that mathematics books, by the nature of the subject, must be humorless, lifeless, and sterile - and often they are. But I have broken this convention by including lines from popular songs, poems, quotations, biographies, historical notes, hundreds of figures, dozens of photographs, and numerous tables and charts. I have also included reproductions of stamps and currency that honor mathematicians. I want students to be able to do computations and to write proofs. Accordingly, I have included an abundance of exercises to develop both skills. Some computer exercises are included as well.