Cary Grant

A Class Apart

Graham McCann

Cary Grant - Graham McCann
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Cary Grant made men seem like a good idea. Born in England as Archie Leach, made famous in America as Cary Grant, tall, dark and handsome with a rare gift for light comedy, he played a leading man that liked to be led, a man of the world who was a man of the people. He was a class apart.

In this definitive biography Graham McCann explores the ambiguities in the life and work of Hollywood’s quintessential democratic gentleman: a working-class Englishman who portrayed a well-bred American; the playful entertainer who became a powerful businessman; the intimate stranger who was often the seduced mate.

Wat zegt de pers?

‘At last, a book worthy of Cary Grant.’ - David Thomson in Esquire

‘McCann is not only better read than most of his competitors in the field of celebrity biographies: he is clearly an intelligent and fluent writer.’ - Premiere

‘McCann’s book is the kind of biography one often imagines but rarely gets.’ - London Review of Books

‘McCann’s biography has to be the last word, and it was worth waiting for.’ - Sunday Independent