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Building Experience - Part 2

The centennial hisotry of Besix, a Belgian construction company

Laurence Verwee

Building Experience - Part 2 - Laurence Verwee
Building Experience - Part 2 achterflap
  • Bindwijze: Hardcover
  • Conditie: ongelezen, lichte kras op achterzijde boek, verder als nieuw
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Many prominent employees of the Group have been interviewed in preparing this book. They have added color, warmth and human authenticity to this centenarian, taking us beyond the mere enumeration of facts and figures found in annual reports. It is appropriate here to call to mind our much missed colleague Werner Dekkers and to thank him posthumously for his work on this book. He was present at all the interviews, asked pertinent questions, and reworked the texts. Without him neither volume would ever have been published. Hundreds, no, thousands of deserving employees from top management to the shop floor worldwide could not be contacted and questioned. This would have gone beyond the potential of this two-pad book, but surely they too would have provided very interesting stories. Because what the words, the pictures and the facts reveal is a self-evident, irrepressible urge to be a pioneer, geographically, technologically and in terms of adventure. This urge has set much in motion, much faith and hope, lots of thoughts and emotions, and has ultimately achieved much. This book is irrefutable proof of this urge, in word and picture. Few other human activities - including other art forms - impact culture and society as much as architecture. Moreover, architecture and the builder as its executing agent are very special. Is there any product that in the course of its coming into being is subject to as much doubt, discussion, debate, change, alteration and adaptation as a building? Builders are flexible people. The complexity of the work, the constant possibility of unpleasant surprises, the tenacity of nature and its laws force them to be so. And there is also the time factor and the constantly choking deadlines. Time after time they parry the attacks on the purity of the perfect plan with expertise and ingenuity.

Today BESIX can look back on a rich, varied and sometimes risky, but often glorious history and draw from it the ambition to be the best and remain so, in terms of quality, range of completed projects and reliability. BESIX is at once a builder of bridges and a bridge builder, bringing together what is different and separate. The high expectations that people place in it today are more than justified. There is still plenty of attractive and high profile construction work in the offing, BESIX is ready to take confident new steps into the future.


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