Beyond Ragnarok

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Beyond Ragnarok - Mickey Zucker Reichert
Beyond Ragnarok achterflap
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ReeksRenshai Chronicles
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epische fantasy amerikaanse schrijfsters


‘What makes a Renshai is not kinship, but a single-minded devotion to swordcraft’

Three hundred years after the tumultuous battle of Ragnarok, the Keeper of the Balance’s hardwon peace is in jeopardy. The succession of Bearn, the kingdom fundamental to the balance twixt law and chaos, good and evil, is in doubt.
As the old king’s heirs fail the test of kingship or fall prey to assassins, Matrinka must pit herself against the most powerful enemy Midguard has seen in centuries. One exiled child remains alive, the key to the balance, she must be the first to find that child Also available: The Last of the Renshai, The Western Wizard, Child of Thunder

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‘Reichert keeps the proceedings focused and the pace swift…excellent read.’ - Locus