Annual ‘98

Bologna Illustrators of Children's Books

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Annual ‘98 - Auteur onbekend
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The bright January sun of northern Italy floods a huge room nearly filled with tables. Spread over those tables are more than 10,000 illustrations by over 2,000 artists from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Amid the acres of paper are the pictures that will be honored at the 32nd Annual Illustrators’ Exhibition—the centerpiece of the 1998 Bologna International Children’s Book Fair. With excitement and anticipation, the jury—a team of internationally respected publishers and art school directors—begins its job of selecting the 135 artists whose work will be exhibited.

Since 1994 the exhibition has been divided into two separate shows—one featuring illustrations created for works of fiction and one for works of nonfiction.

This is the official catalog of the 1998 Fiction Exhibition, showcasing recent work by 82 of the finest illustrators of children’s fiction from around the world. The pictures were chosen for their originaliiy, their artistic and technical merit, and for their child appeal. Along with the beautifully reproduced artwork, essential biographical information about the artists represented is included, making this an ideal refe-rence for all who delight in contemporary children’s book illustration.