Anatomy & Physiology

An Introductory Guide

Louise Tucker

Anatomy & Physiology - Louise Tucker
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anatomie fysiologie geneeskunde


This new Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology is an invaluable learning and reference tool for all students in the fields of therapy (beauty, complementary and sports) and for anyone studying for general nursing, care and paramedical qualifications. Written in a clear and straightforward style and Illustrated throughout, the book is designed to be informative, detailed, simple to use and easy to understand. It explains complex subjects in an approachable and practical manner.

Each chapter has the following features:
• In Brief: an overview of the subject
• Learning objectives for each function and system of the body
• Useful Tips: helpful hints to facilitate study
• Concise and comprehensive descriptions
• Detailed illustrations and schematic diagrams
• Colour-coding for quick reference.